SD About

Now that your curiosity regarding this magical thing called “Tantra,” has been piqued, let me welcome you to my world.  I would be honored to speak with you about being a part of your journey –  should you decide to explore this path.   So, first,  let me tell you a bit about me.

As a mature women, who is in awe of her own potential for pleasure, I truly enjoy catalyzing it in others. I possess a loving, compassionate and nurturing soul. That, combined with the magic in my skillful fingertips, my years of life experience and innate sensual nature, makes me the ideal companion.


Having been trained in massage therapy years ago, I found that conventional massage was not my path. Something was missing – the intimacy that touch should evoke. I discovered the path I was drawn to – the one that chose me – was that of  a sensual intimate and erotic educator.

So I took my years of training and my innate sense of what feels good and combined them to create my own style of sensual bodywork.  Now, with coaching and mentoring from a true Sensual Sage, EveLynn, I have taken my practice to a new level of wisdom in order to take you on a journey not soon forgotten.

Won’t you join me on this magic carpet ride?



*While I have been trained in the arts of massage,  I am not a licensed massage therapist, nor do I offer therapeutic massage.  The donation structure discussed is for my time and my knowledge; I do not offer illegal services.  If you are seeking medical advice or attention, please contact a health care provider.  I am a teacher of Sacred Sexuality, and intimacy coach.