Sessions At My Sanctuary

Sanctuary PoolImagine a discrete, safe, and tranquil environment where you can escape from the outside world.

New Port Richey

Located northwest of Tampa close to the Gulf Coast, my private home and sanctuary is a charming place within which to escape from day to day stress.  Adorned with rich colors and spiritual accents, this sacred space is where you can take a deep breath and completely relax.

Imagine  moving into a candle-lit sanctuary for a tantalizing erotic bodywork experience: an experience that takes you on a journey into self: an experience within which you surrender blissfully to your own potential for pleasure.

All of this can be yours. Sensual Damara offers it all for the Ultimate Erotic Experience!!

Tantra Intro and Check-in*

This is your chance to discover, explore and understand your deep & powerful masculine energy.   Learn how to control it and how to tap into it when needed.  When you visit with me in my sanctuary, you will enter a safe space for you to share your concerns, your vulnerability and your want & desires.  The first time we meet, before beginning our session, we will take some time to get acquainted with a nice relaxing conversation in the healing sanctuary.  During this time you will be introduced to tools that will make your experience exquisite and life changing.  You will learn how to combine breathing with relaxation and sound to generate and enhance sensual awareness and nurture the bliss. You will also learn how to let your mind rest and concentrate on the body/soul connection. Prior to subsequent sessions, we will take a few minutes to check in with each other as well.

Below You Will Find Private Session Description

Body Awareness for Women

Body Awareness for Men