Body Awareness for Men


Damara poolside in Kissimmee


Tantra Intro and Check-in*

This is your chance to discover, explore and understand your deep & powerful masculine energy.   Learn how to control it and how to tap into it when needed.  When you visit with me in my sanctuary, you will enter a safe space for you to share your concerns, your vulnerability and your desires.  The first time we meet, before beginning our session, we will take some time to get acquainted with a nice relaxing conversation in the healing sanctuary.  During this time you will be introduced to tools that will make your experience exquisite and life changing.  You will learn how to combine breathing with relaxation and sound to generate and enhance sensual awareness and nurture the bliss. You will also learn how to let your mind rest and concentrate on the body/soul connection. Prior to subsequent sessions, we will take a few minutes to check in with each other as well.

                                   TANTRA-LIZING BODY EXPLORATION*

I recommend this experience to those that have not yet experienced and form of Sacred Sexuality.  This session is all about YOU.  It is your time to relax and enjoy the sensations that you experience.  During the Tantra-lizing Body Exploration experience, you will be encouraged to use the tools we already discussed. You will be introduced to the art of erotic touch as you “bliss out” on the comfortable massage table.

A Tantra-lizing experience is erotic Tantra-like bodywork that excites all the senses. You will feel increased energy flow and vibrations within you. Your sensual energies will ebb and flow as I dance my magical fingers over your entire being. Using soft sensual strokes, fingertip caresses, and warm organic oils, I will remind you softly to breathe and relax.…. Most of all it is about staying in the moment; with no place to go and nothing to do. The rest will unfold organically into extended orgasmic bliss. We will be sharing Sacred Heart Space.

It’s impossible to give you an exact description of the experience. Each experience is spontaneous and in the moment and everyone’s energy is different. However, you will leave with a new awareness of self and look forward to a return visit.

Customary Donations For Tanta-lizing Body Exploration Experiences

90 minutes – $300 
2.0 hours – $400

     (the focus is on you to relax and be pampered)




Tantra-lizing is just the beginning – a bit of a taste, so to speak – of your potential for experiencing erotic bliss to the max. Taking a Tantra-lizing experience to the next level might just be what your body and soul wishes to explore.  During this encounter I will share a deeper interactive erotic journey with you.

You will be introduced to breath to orgasmic energy.
You will experience the art of erotic touch with both giving and receiving.
You will explore the mysteries of Yoni and Lingham and be guided into the exquisite nature of self-pleasure.
You will learn to separate orgasmic energy from the need to release.
Learn how to become that truly “elite” lover and enjoy sexual relationships that are exciting and satisfying beyond your – and her – wildest dreams!

Customary Donations for Tantra-lizing and Beyond Experiences

2.0 hours  – $450
2.5 hours  – $550


                           SENSUAL EROTIC ESCAPE

 sessions 2Perhaps your desire is simply to make the world stand still for three or more hours.  This is your opportunity to bring your imagination into our time together.

Perhaps you wish to simply relax and unwind au naturel on the patio with a glass of wine and some tasty tidbits.

Perhaps you wish to enjoy the company of  and a cuddle with a mature, sensual and playful companion, romantic kisses that are slow and sensual.

Perhaps you wish to be uninhibited and playful, maybe acting out a fantasy or role play idea with a partner who is well versed in the Arts of Erotic Ecstacy.

If this is what you seek – no pressure but to stay in the moment – your search is over. Allow me to relax your mind, pamper your body and feed your soul.

 Customary Donation for Sensual Erotic Escape
3.0 hours – $675
For a longer escape that might include dining out request additional information.

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* Please note that these donations are for my time in the city of which I am at the present.  If you desire to visit with me and I am not currently in that city, there will be a surcharge.  

*While I have been trained in the arts of massage,  I am not a licensed massage therapist, nor do I offer therapeutic massage.  The donation structure discussed is for my time and my knowledge; I do not offer illegal services.  If you are seeking medical advice or attention, please contact a health care provider.  I am a teacher of Sacred Sexuality, and intimacy coach.